ESG Conference 2024: tomorrow drives Mercedes-Benz. Full commitment to sustainable business strategy goes far beyond products


• On track for CO2-reduction along the entire value chain and focus on long-term decarbonisation targets 
• CO2-reduced steel, aluminium and recycled materials drive supply chain decarbonisation 
• Production makes progress in renewable energies and circularity 
• Human rights assessment of critical raw materials is moving forward and ahead of schedule 
• People are at the centre of the just transition with the Sustainable People Plan and respect for human rights 
• Digital Trust as a key driver of sustainable and competitive digital business 

At its third annual ESG Conference, Mercedes-Benz demonstrates commitment to achieving ambitious and measurable goals. Driven by tomorrow and a clear focus on the entire value chain,

Mercedes-Benz firmly embeds sustainability considerations in the daily business. One aspect is the continued global expansion of the electric passenger car portfolio, targeting an up to 50 percent share of xEVs in the new vehicle fleet in the second half of the decade. And by the end of the decade, the aim is to reduce production CO2 emissions by 80 percent1. Furthermore, the ambition is to run all fully owned Mercedes-Benz production sites worldwide on 100 percent renewable energies by 2039. By pairing strategic focus with tactical flexibility in this regard, the company remains on course towards a sustainable future on an ecological and economic level. Also, relevant initiatives with respect to social and governance aspects throughout the whole company contribute to a holistic sustainability approach. This includes various measures with which Mercedes-Benz contributes to a "Just Transition", for example our sustainable people plan and several measures, strengthening human rights in the company and along the value chain. By establishing a coordination role for sustainability in the Board of Management in 2023, Mercedes-Benz has strengthened its governance approach to orchestrate its company-wide sustainability management even more systematically and consistently.

“Mercedes-Benz has always been driven by a belief in tomorrow. This pioneering spirit is key so we can play our part in climate protection and to make our business even more sustainable in all respects. We continue to strive for net carbon-neutrality by 2039, and we believe that ESG principles enable long-term value creation.” Ola Källenius, Chief Executive Officer of Mercedes-Benz Group AG.