Mercedes-Benz Group sales rise to 2,491,600 cars and vans in 2023


• Mercedes-Benz Group Cars and Vans sales increase 1.5% to 2,491,600 in 2023 
• Mercedes-Benz Cars sales reach 2,043,800, at the prior-year level 
• Mercedes-Benz Passenger Cars (MBPC) battery electric vehicle (BEV) sales rise 73% in 2023; BEV and hybrid sales account for 19% of overall passenger car sales 
• Best-ever sales for Top-End Vehicles including for Mercedes-Maybach (+19%), G-Class (+11%) and Mercedes-AMG (+4%) in 2023; Q4 Top-End Vehicle sales up 17% compared to Q3 
• Mercedes-Benz Vans sales up 8% to 447,800 units, eVans sales +51% to 22,700 units 
• Mercedes-Benz Vans with best overall sales result to date 

Mercedes-Benz Group sold 2,491,600 vehicles in 2023 (+1.5%), despite supply-chain constraints and thanks to its focus on desirable cars and vans as well as on the electrification of its fleet. 

“Sales in 2023 show that Top-End Vehicles including Mercedes-Maybach, G-Class and Mercedes-AMG delivered their best-ever performance. Electric vehicle sales continue to rise and particularly the new E-Class is being well received. Mercedes-Benz Vans also had their most successful sales so far. This year we will maintain our product momentum especially thanks to the electric G-Class, the Mercedes-AMG GT Coupé and our new eSprinter.” 
Ola Källenius, Chairman of the Board of Management of Mercedes-Benz Group AG. 

Mercedes-Benz Cars 
Mercedes-Benz Cars sold 2,043,800 units in 2023 as demand for superior products resulted in a rise of Mercedes-Maybach (+19%), G-Class (+11%) and Mercedes-AMG (+4%) to 328,200 Top-End Vehicles last year. An additional 60,000 V-class and EQV models were sold in 2023. In Q4 sales of Mercedes-Benz Cars reached 514,000 units, despite constrained product availability and included a 17% rise in Top-End Vehicles quarter- on-quarter. 

Mercedes-Maybach sold 19% more vehicles in 2023, boosted by strong sales of the Mercedes-Maybach GLS and S-Class versions in all key regions. In Q4 Mercedes-Maybach launched its all-electric EQS SUV1 version in the U.S. market, ahead of its broader roll-out to other key regions in 2024. The rise in Mercedes-AMG sales (+4%) in 2023 included a 76% rise in high-performance battery electric vehicles. 
Sales of the G-Class remained strong and once again increased by 11% in 2023 ahead of the introduction of the electric G this year. The S-Class remains the undisputed leader in its segment, retaining its market share with around 50% in all key regions. 
Full-year sales in the Core segment reached 1,096,800 units (-2%) in 2023 mainly due to supplier bottlenecks and the model changeover to the new E-Class, which was introduced in China in December. Availability of the 

new GLC and E-Class was constrained in many markets due to a shortage of 48-Volt systems. The C-Class saw sales rise by 10% in 2023. 
Entry segment sales reached 618,800 units (+4%) in 2023 driven by the strong demand of the EQA (+57%) and EQB (+109%). 
Fully electric Mercedes-Benz passenger car sales rose by 73% during the year, to 222,600 units, equivalent to 11% of overall sales and 19% including plug-in hybrids. Sales of the EQE Sedan surged by 120% globally and BEV sales in the U.S. market more than doubled (+167%) driven by the new EQE SUV.